It's a weekend-long programming marathon bringing industry and education together in a collaborative and social space to enhance our region and communities through the use of Information Technology.

When and Where?

Come join us from June 25th, 9am to June 26th, 5pm @ Social Sciences (Building 4), James Cook University!

Can I come?

Absolutely! Codeathon is open to all walks of life! High School, University & Industry alike.

Are languages restricted?

Your knowledge is your arsenal. Wield it with great responsibility!

Two whole days?!

Heck yeah!
While we're sure there will be enough buzz and energy drinks to keep you going, we've split the sprint across two days so you can have a sleep in-between your mad coding sprints!

How much?

Only $20 for food, drinks and snacks all-round.

And as our way of saying thanks, we'll even give you your own programming inspired notebook to keep!

Register Here!

Is a two day marathon a byte too much?

Sleep is a necessary for all of us to function. You don't have to be present for the entirety of both days and are capable of escaping for those necessary zZzZzZ's.

Our Supporters

Because we can't say thank you enough!

Recommended Topics

There are many potential ways to improve the local community by aligning solutions with technology. Listed below are some suggested topics for the Codeathon.
You are not limited to these topics, though we ask you to relay your improvement domain to a coordinator before starting.

Home Automation

  • Ever wanted the lights to switch themselves off when you leave a room?
  • How about having your coffee machine prepare your favourite espresso for you as soon as you wake up?

Living in the age of modern technology with the Internet of Things anything is possible! So why not devise a system to have your home automate all the boring stuff while you sit back and relax?

Sports Community Enhancement

  • Wouldn't it be awesome if sporting communities could move from paper scoresheets to digital ones?
  • Or find a way to record information about their competitions without needing to sit next to a computer all day?

What about a portable system that removes the hassle of paper and allows you to store and edit everything digitally whenever you want? That way you can spend less time worrying about crumpled scorecards and more time playing the sports you love!

Non-profit Organisation Enhancement

  • Wouldn't it be great if there was a system that enabled volunteers to get into contact with non-profit organisations?
  • Or at least, wouldn't it be great if there was a way to better organise volunteer events?

Well, why not both? We envision a system that can not only help bring eager volunteers and non-profit organisations together but also help organise events and facilitate communication between all parties during them.

And more to come!


Can we use existing projects?

No, existing projects are not permitted at the Codeathon. You'll be given two days to plan, prototype and showcase your innovation.

Are we allowed to work on our idea beforehand?

Any ideas may be researched and concepts tested, however implementation and development can only be during the Codeathon.

Are there any prerequisites?

No, you will be able to learn new skills and gain assistance throughout the event. Some knowledge of programming or software development certainly wouldn't hurt.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. The Codeathon is an alcohol free event.

How is the Codeathon structured?

The Codeathon has a fairly loose structure, aiming to maximise your dev time. Formailities will occur on the Saturday, including registration, judge introduction, solution pitching, skill sharing and group formation.

Break as desired with food and snacks scheduled throughout, take breaks or even power naps. Continue the cycle Sunday morning and present your group's solution in the afternoon to our judges!

Do we have to compete?

Competing is not for everyone, and we would like to embrace that! The Codeathon is also a networking event for like-minded visitors to have fun and be social.

Can I help?

The Codeathon should be an epic event for all involved! We are happy to take all the help we can get!